Admission Guidelines

Prospective students are considered for acceptance at St. Joachim School based on the following priorities:

  • Registered and active members of St. Joachim Parish with children already enrolled in the school, including St. Joachim Preschool.
  • Registered and active members of St. Joachim Parish.
  • Siblings of non-Parish families already enrolled in St. Joachim School.
  • Non-Parish Catholics enrolled in St. Joachim Preschool.
  • Non-Catholic families will be accepted if the school has the capacity for additional students.

These priorities are guidelines only. The Pastor and Principal have broad discretionary authority over the application of these guidelines. A student shall be admitted if he/she has a reasonable, well-founded hope of successfully completing the academic program at St. Joachim School. Students will be admitted on a probationary basis, for the duration of one trimester (12 weeks), at which time an assessment will be made as to their academic and behavioral progress. Student transfers into grades 7 – 8 will be determined on a case-by-case basis, with consideration given to students transferring from another Catholic school to St. Joachim's.

Appointments must be made for Kindergarten readiness and testing. There is a required fee for Kindergarten testing.

Admission information for Preschool is available on the Preschool page.

You can download the Admission Application Packet or stop by the school office located at 310 N. I St. to pick up an Admission Application Packet. A Release and Consent Form along with a Confidential Teacher Report (to be completed by the child’s current teacher) is also required in the application packet. Please be sure to download all documents completely.