Intermediate (3rd-5th)


The intermediate math program builds upon the foundational math skills mastered at the primary level. With a focus on problem solving and emphasis on developing skills in all areas of math, daily instruction supports student achievement and regular investigations challenge students to apply mathematical concepts in real world situations. Beginning in sixth grade, advanced math courses are available to students.

Language Arts

From learning to read to reading to learn, our intermediate students enjoy reading short stories and novels that connect the curriculum. Strengthening comprehension skills, expanding vocabulary, and analyzing literature as well as spelling, grammar and writing instruction provide a comprehensive and well rounded English language arts program. Students visit the school library weekly and participate in the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader program.


Daily religious education classes, prayer, and attendance at monthly Mass with the school community provides a foundation in faith formation. Students at each grade level participate in leading morning prayer and First Friday Mass. Sixth grade students participate in active service to others through our community service program.


A dedicated science teacher provides instruction on science concepts and principles including: electricity, magnetism, energy, ecosystems, elements and compounds, weather, and the solar system. Additionally, students study rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, landforms, and forces. The science curriculum comes alive through field trips, manipulatives, interactive notebooks, and hands-on experiments in our science lab and classroom.


Beginning with a study of California’s past and moving to the exploration of ancient civilizations, the engaging curriculum allows students to make connections between the past and present. Projects, cooperative group activities, presentations and field trips provide a variety of experiences to enhance the intermediate history curriculum.


Weekly classes, utilizing 1:1 chromebooks, emphasize the importance of digital citizenship, while teaching students how to use Google docs, sheets and slides and engaging students through projects that enhance the curriculum and encourage creativity. Students practice formatting when writing formal letters, making tables and designing a school newspaper. Google slide presentations on California Missions, state reports, and country reports connect technology to the curriculum. Google Classroom is introduced to allow teachers to integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum.