Service Learning Projects

St. Joachim School instills a commitment to the community in its students beginning in Kindergarten. Throughout the lower grades, students participate in community service through class projects as well as school-wide involvement. SJS is developing our student service learning school-wide program which blends service with learning so that our students reflect on service through language arts and other disciplines throughout the curriculum. This provides a well rounded academic experience.

Junior high students have a further responsibility to community service as a component of their religion classes. Each year, students in the junior high grades must meet community service requirements set forth in the school handbook. Service hours for which students receive credit are categorized into three areas: service for school, service for the parish, and service for the community. Students must complete a variety of service activities from the different categories for the designated number of hours. Students participating in CJSF must meet extended requirements established by the federation.

Activities for the CJSF need to have pre-approval by the Principal and homeroom teacher. Students keep track of their service hours and verifications of completion on the Community Service Record Sheet. As stated in the Schoolwide Learning Expectations, as responsible citizens, students are to show a commitment to volunteerism and public service. Students are encouraged to go beyond the required service and St. Joachim School recognizes students for outstanding service.