2023-24 K-8th Rates

Yearly Monthly (11 months)
1 Child $4972.67 $452.06
2 Children $8552.45 $777.50
3 Children $11,072.06 $1006.55
4 Children $11,668.68 $1060.79
5 Children $13,260.07

Registration Fees Per Child

Includes costs for Diocesan assessments, insurance, per/student on-line subscriptions, and other administrative costs: $325.00

Additional Fees/Obligations

Field Trip/Activities Deposit: SJS families are responsible to cover the cost of oncampus and off-campus field trips and class activities. A deposit to cover these expenses will be collected. If the overall expense for these class field trips exceeds the deposited amount, each family will be responsible for their part of the expense. Any additional expenses may be paid in full or fundraised by the class.

K-3rd Grade: $50.00 per child.

4th-8th Grade: $75.00 per child.

Parent Club Fundraising: To earn $200 in fundraising profit per family.

Parent Club Volunteer Hours: To perform 20 hours/family of approved volunteer service. There will be a pro-rated penalty fee of $20/hour for any uncompleted hours prior to the end of the school year.

Scrip Family Contribution Fee: : To earn $250 in profit through the purchase of Scrip. Profit amount must be met by April 2024. Any balance remaining must be paid in full.

Technology Fee: $100 per student

Preschool Registration Fees Per Child

Includes costs for Diocesan assessments, insurance, per/student on-line subscriptions, and other administrative costs: $110.00

Multiple Student Discount

There is a 15% discount for those Preschool students who have sibling in K-8 will be applied. If there are multiple students in the preschool only 10% per preschooler will be applied.

Tuition Payment Due Date & Late Fees

The monthly payment is typically due on the 1st of each month, unless your FACTS online tuition collection indicates otherwise. A late fee of $35.00 will be applied for all payments that are not paid promptly on the agreed upon due date. The first tuition payment is due in July and the final payment is due in May. All payments should be made directly to the FACTS online tuition service. If special circumstances arise please contact the principal to make arrangements and to avoid late fees.


Children must be three years of age to enroll in St. Joachim Preschool. The Director will determine the appropriate session for each child. All sessions start and end promptly at the designated hour. There will be a $25.00 fee charged for late pick-ups.

Rights of Licensing Agency

The State Department of Licensing agency shall have the authority to interview children or staff; and to inspect and audit the Preschool records, without prior consent. The licensee shall make provisions for private interviews with any child or staff member; and for the authority to observe the physical condition of a child, including conditions that could indicate child abuse, neglect, or inappropriate placement.

Refund Policies

Registration is non-refundable. If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from our Preschool the office must be notified as soon as possible. The unused portion of your tuition payments will be refunded when we receive a written notice of your intent to withdraw your child 30 days prior to the intended date of withdrawal.