Service Hour Guidelines for 6-8th Graders

Hour Requirements: 20 hours are required each year for a total of 60 hours. (CJSF students need 75 hours)

Service Hour Categories: 20 hours of service are required in each of the following three categories:

Service to St. Joachim School: Helping a staff member, tutoring, etc.

Service to St. Joachim Parish: Altar serving (.5 hours for daily Mass, 1 hour for Sunday Mass, volunteering at the Holy Family Table, Harvest Festival (4 hours maximum), etc.

Service to the Community: Kids Day, volunteering at a nursing home, etc.

All 20 hours in any one category may not be for the same service; hours must be diversified.

Verification of Service Hours

For each session of volunteer work, a separate form must be filled out stating the type of work done, the hours worked, the name of the person supervising, signature of person supervising, and a contact number for the person supervising. Each form must be checked and approved by the classroom teacher before credit will be given.

Service hours for a given year must be completed and turned in by May 1.