Middle School (6th-8th)


The junior high math program builds the algebraic foundation essential for all students to solve increasingly complex problems. Higher order thinking skills use real-world applications, reasoning and justification to make connections to math strands. The curriculum focuses on algebraic thinking and multiple representations -- verbal, numeric, symbolic, and graphical. Advanced Math courses are available for seventh and eighth grade students.

Language Arts

Using literary analysis to examine short stories and novels, students identify the central themes, points of view and author’s purpose through citing evidence and drawing inferences from the text. Writing instruction focuses on informational, persuasive, narrative and creative composition, utilizes the writing process. Grammar instruction supports students in using complex sentences and ensures proper conventions. The study of Latin and Greek roots is the foundation of the vocabulary and spelling program in junior high.


Daily religious education classes, prayer, and attendance of Mass as a school community monthly provide a foundation in faith formation. Students at each grade participate in leading morning prayer and planning and hosting a First Friday Mass. Junior high students provide active service to others through our community service program and reflect on the impact of their service to the community and to themselves.

The curriculum focuses on an overview of world religions and the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Students receive Confirmation in eighth grade with St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish.


The junior high science curriculum focuses on an in-depth study of life and physical science. Comparing and contrasting plant and animal cells, students identify the structures of cells and their functions. Students learn how organ systems work together and the role that physical principals play on living things. Students also conduct experiments and investigations, exploring position, motion and forces as well as chemical and physical reactions.


Beginning with a study of the major events preceding the founding of the nation and the development of American constitutional democracy to World War I, the Great Depression and the rise of fascism in Europe, the junior high history curriculum provides a strong foundation and opportunities for students to connect the past to the present.


Applying technology skills used in the primary and intermediate grades, junior high technology instruction focuses on the examination and seriousness of digital footprints. Project based learning provides opportunity for students to use skills to calculate a Lifestyles Budget, create a timeline using research skills, and present an overview of stock performance after playing the stock market game. Students regularly utilize Google classroom in all areas of the curriculum.